Early Identification and Discovering The Cultural Assets That Motivate Change

Motivationomic’s Zone of Early Detection (ZED)

This framework was designed to better understand the gap between the prevalence of mental health issues from exposure and detection of risk factors; and the development of protective factors linked to mental wellbeing as determined by a sense of connectedness and personal agency. The ZED model provides a sociocultrual perspective that guides the lesson and activities that follow. For a complete description and illustration of the ZED framework, please click the link below.

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Early Detection and Prevention Lesson

This lesson consists of five activities that lead participants to recognize their unique system of core values. Core values are our personal beliefs and cultural assets that drive an individual’s behavior. It is these cultural assets that help people overcome life challenges and build resilience. Storytelling is also introduced as a cultural tool to embrace one’s lived and life experiences and to connect with others through stories and empathy. Helping people recognize the value of community connectedness and belonging as part of their well-being is another key component of this lesson. Finally, recognizing the motivational attributes that are unique to each individual and their drive to succeed.

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Activity 5: My Motivation Style View Activity