Invigorating Peoples' Innate Capabilities for Success

Who We Are

Motivationomics is an independent resource site dedicated to helping schools and community-based organizations to advance school- and community-centered strategies and solutions that emerge from within individual and group strengths/assets and experiences.

Motivationomics commits to working continuously with people inside their communities and side-by-side school personnel to identify and mobilize all of the existing resources with a focus on what is happening on the ground and finding solutions that work.   

The Logo

The negative space inside the mark illustrates the story of Motivationomics as a connector and relationship builder. On an individual level, the focus is on peoples’ inner drive for action to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to their language and culture.

On a social level, Motivationomics draws on the strength of adult-child relationships in safe, stable, and nurturing environments. The visual of the trusted adult and child ‘I’ and ‘i’ connection is intentional to convey the value of the human connection and experience as a blueprint.

Invigorating peoples’ innate capabilities. In just four words, the tagline communicates Motivationomics’ theory of action. “Invigorating people” focuses on bringing to life the cultural assets and experiences that makes each person unique. “Innate capabilities” is promoting person-centered strategies that recognize the person as their best advocate and expert to solving problems.

As humans, people create a unique world around their individual lived and life experiences in pursuit of an identity and to belong. Under this human blueprint of distinguishable experiences, discoveries, transformations, and patterns of behavior also lies an intrinsic drive for fulfillment or self-transcendence. To achieve this sense of self-realization, people must continually distinguish and tap into their linguistic and cultural strengths, engendering protective measures to strengthen their resilience and persistence.