Selected Publications

Reading Motivation

Latinx Adolescents’ Reading Motivation Profiles and Associations with Higher Education Aspirations

The Association Between Parental Involvement in Reading and Schooling and Children’s Reading Engagement in Latino Families

Teacher Beliefs About Reading Motivation and Their Enactment in Classrooms: The Development of A Survey Questionnaire

Academic Engagement and College & Career Readiness

Growth in Career Academy Students’ Experience, Knowledge, and Self-Confidence Related to Health Care Careers

Improving The Connection Between Healthcare Employers and Schools to Increase Work-Based Learning Opportunities for Urban High School Students

Learning and Motivational Characteristics of Urban Latino High School Youth

Factors That Promote Motivation and Academic Engagement in a Career Education Context

Collaboration, Communication, and Connection: Collegial Support and Collective Efficacy Among Health Science Teachers

Mental Health, Early Prevention, COVID-19

A Qualitative Study: Examining Students’ Involvement in Career and Technical Student Organizations and Promoting Mental Wellness

Mental Illness and Substance Use and Migration: Traumatic Exposures During High-Risk Migration

Community-Prepared Development of A Digital Mental Health Resource Website to Support Diverse Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Student Learning During and Post the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recommendations and Implications

Lifetime Prevalence and Age-of-Onset of Mental Disorders In Adults From The Argentinean Study of Mental Health Epidemiology

The Burden of Comorbidity: Depressive and Physical Disorders

Associations Between DSM-IV Mental Disorders and Subsequent Onset of Arthritis

Mental/Behavioral Health Workforce Development

Community-Defined Solutions for Latino Mental Health Care Disparities

A National Movement for Latino Behavioral Health Workforce and Leadership in the Making

Mental Health Weekly: Mental Health Workforce